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Charged with a crime?
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I Have Helped Before…


         You have been charged with a crime or are facing possible charges and you are worried.  This is the normal reason that an individual seeks out my firm and my assistance.  Choosing the correct Defense Attorney can possibly be one of the most important decisions you will make during the criminal process.  The correct Criminal Defense Attorney can be the difference between you getting back to the life you had with your family or spending a considerable amount of time in a place you have no desire to be. 


         Even in less serious cases such as traffic violations, small drug possessions, etc. a good Criminal Defense Attorney can make a serious impact on the outcome simply by finding other options and programs that you don't know are available.  For these and other reasons, it is vital that those accused of a crime whether serious or minor select a competent, trustworthy and attorney available.


         If you or a loved one has been charged or accused of any crime, you need to be sure that the attorney you hire has yours and your families best interests at heart and that they are going to be there fighting for you when you need them to.  I pride myself on treating every individual from the smallest of matters to the largest with the same tenacity, skill, patience and understanding.


And I Can Help You…


       If you have been charged with a crime do not hesitate in contacting my office for free consultation.  I have the ability prior to a hearing to reach out to the District Attorney determine what charges could be filed and possibly stop the process before it begins.  I can reach out to the police and involved parties, and any possible witnesses to expose any lies or exaggerations.  


       I can make a difference call me today for a consult.


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